Why You Dont Need Willpower to Reach Your Goals

What if I told you DISCIPLINE is one of the greatest expressions of self-love?

I used to restrict myself so much. Especially in my eating habits and my social life. For so long I believed a lie that “I just didn’t have enough will power to accomplish _______.”

I was on a cycle of…

Be rigid (it’s ALL or nothing!)

Fall off track (be miserable)

Beat myself up (feel guilty about it)

Crush my own self-esteem

Be even MORE rigid

Fall off track (be miserable)

… you get the point


But I never gave up wanting to identify and go to work on the road blocks standing in my way of being the BEST version of myself.

When I learned to love, heal and forgive myself, it became a habit for me to be patient and gracious with myself. And now in moment to moment choices, in the smallest decisions, I WANT to stay disciplined on the things I know will get me where I want to go.

And here’s another key point I had to learn the hard way… 

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